Checking In

    •    What's Sleepover's online check-in process?

Sleepover’s check-in process is online and self-completed in order to facilitate stress-free and contactless access to your reserved space. As part of this process, we collect basic information about yourself, verify your email and phone number, and if necessary, ask for a government-issued photo ID.


Depending on where you are staying with us, the type of information we ask for may differ due to local regulatory requirements - make sure to observe all communications we send you in regard to online check-in.

    •    How will Sleepover verify my identity?

Sleepover will verify the information you provide, including photo ID verification, in our online check-in process to make sure that nobody other than you is using your personal information, in order to prevent fraudulent uses of your identity, to keep you and our guests safe, and comply with regulatory requirements in the places we operate in. 


    •    How will Sleepover store & protect my personal information?

Sleepover handles and retains your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and uses secure socket layer encryption for security. If you would like us to delete your user information, please submit a request. Please note, however, that there may be circumstances where we are required to keep some or all of that information to comply with local regulatory requirements.

    •    Who in my travel party will receive access to the check-in process?

If you’ve booked directly with Sleepover, the person that paid for the booking and confirmed their phone number on the reservation will receive access to the check-in process. Only authorized guests that are staying with you are permitted to utilize your check-in information.


    •    When will I receive the access instructions for my Sleepover space?

Once your personal information has been verified, you will receive the instructions to access your Sleepover within 24hrs of your check-in time (our standard is 4 pm, local time). 


If you complete your online check-in process within 24hrs of your check-in date, we may need to review your information before sending access information - we appreciate your patience in these instances, and rest assured we prioritize reviewing your information the closer you are to your scheduled arrival.

Finding and Booking with Sleepover

    •    How do I book with Sleepover?

You can easily book with Sleepover by sending an email to and we will call you back to complete an intake. 

    •    Are there any extra charges or fees?

In addition to the cost of staying with Sleepover, we charge a cleaning fee. A pet fee will be required in the event that you are traveling with your pet. You will see the full breakdown of your charges before payment. 

    •    When and how do I pay?

When you book directly through, you will be charged the total amount for your stay at the time of booking (for stays up to 30 nights).

We accept all debit and credit cards, excluding pre-paid credit cards. We don’t accept cash on arrival.

    •    How do I extend my booking?

You can easily extend your booking with Sleepover by sending a message through the website and we will reach back to complete the extension. 

    •    How do I cancel my stay?

You can easily cancel your stay online by going to your reservation and hitting Cancel.


    •    How do I request an invoice or receipt? You can view your receipt on your reservation.

    •    My invoice is incorrect. How do I get it fixed?

If your invoice is incorrect, send a message on the message center and we will contact you to get it resolved.

    •    Why do I need to create an account to make a reservation?

Creating an account allows you to manage many aspects of your stay, such as request for extra amenities or an early check-in, change your dates, extend your stay or cancel.

Creating an account and booking directly on helps you save money because you receive member pricing discounts. You can create an account at any time - it’s fast, easy, and free.

We are committed to offering our best rates here on, although the exact discount is subject to change.

    •    Why was my booking canceled?

On rare occasions we may not be able to move forward with a stay if a guest does not pass our verification checks, or we have reason to believe that our House Rules may be broken. The safety and security of our guests, employees, neighbors, and partners is our top priority, so we take a cautious and secure approach to the bookings we accept. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.


We are constantly working to optimize our safety and security processes. To protect the integrity of these processes, we’re unable to share the details of our risk evaluation policy, which may result in a particular booking being canceled. Please be assured that these decisions are made using information provided during the booking process, in line with all relevant local regulatory requirements, and they are not made based on protected characteristics such as gender, race, or religion. Many booking behaviors are analyzed including length of stay and whether the guest is booking locally, among other factors, to make decisions around possible risks associated with a given stay.